Hydrate for dry hair

Hydrate for dry hair

We are great lovers of summer, sun, and the delicious fruit that comes with it. When the sun is high and the air is warm, there is nothing better than taking a dip in cool water. And afterwards? Time for more hydration! Hair, like skin, needs continuous moisture. We were inspired by our favourite summer fruit, mango, because of its antioxidant properties and basil, known for its soothing and purifying properties. We then combined mango and basil extracts and created the perfect hydrating formula to regenerate and revitalise hair.

The Scent

The Scent

The cottony fragrance evokes the floating, weightless sensation of a cloud through a combination of a unique floral bouquet [made of premium and delicate white flower notes, mango and basil accord over a subtle blend of powdery vanilla notes.

The Scent

Mango & Basil

known for

  • Hydrating & Soothing
  • Purifying
  • Regenerating & Revitalising
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