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Make Your Hair Glow

Discover the new Glow Spray Serum

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Introducing Glow Spray Serum: A Step in Haircare Innovation for Coloured Hair

We are excited to unveil the latest addition to our Glow range – the Glow Spray Serum, a pioneering leave-in product designed to protect, preserve, and enhance the radiance of coloured hair. This launch marks a significant step forward in our commitment to providing haircare solutions that not only meet the demands of today's beauty enthusiasts but do so with an eye towards sustainability and innovation.


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The Inspiration Behind Our Glow Spray Serum Innovation

Our Glow Spray Serum was inspired by the vibrant world of hair colour and the unique challenges it presents. Understanding the importance of colour expression to identity and confidence, we've crafted a product that addresses the core needs of both hairdressers and consumers. *With about 75% of adult women and 18% of men using hair dye, the need for products that can prolong the vibrancy and longevity of hair colour has never been more evident.

Challenges in Hair Colour Maintenance

The quest for radiant hair colour is often met with the challenge of maintaining its vibrancy and shine. Factors such as UV exposure, heat styling and the use of harsh products can all contribute to colour fade. This is where our Glow Spray Serum steps in – to provide a vegan, free-from solution that not only combats these challenges but also aligns with the growing trends of hair minimalism, whereby product benefits are condensed into a singular multitasking product.

Hydrating Jelly Mask

A Multi-Faceted Solution with Bio-engineered and Lab-grown Ingredients

Our Glow Spray Serum is a testament to the power of innovative, lab-grown ingredients like Ruby Algae and Deep-Sea Water Ferment; by using biotechnology we can use scarce, or hardly available plants in a way that aligns with our commitment to sustainability. The formula with a powerful symbiosis of these lab-grown ingredients not only helps to protect hair from pollution and negative effects of UV exposure, but they also reinforce the hair fibre, improve moisture content and enhance colour longevity & shine. With the added benefits of heat-protection up to 230°C, our serum offers a multitasking solution to the myriad of challenges faced by coloured hair.

Hydrating Jelly Mask

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Embrace the Glow

We invite you to experience the Glow Spray Serum, a leave-in serum designed to protect what you love from modern lifestyle impacts while enhancing the natural beauty of your hair. Whether you're a professional looking to elevate your salon services or a consumer seeking a versatile, high-performing product for at-home care, the Glow Spray Serum offers a solution that is as innovative as it is sustainable.

Discover the difference with Glow Spray Serum – where nature meets science in the pursuit of radiant, healthy-looking hair.

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