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with our new textured hair heroes co-created

with curl expert Evan Joseph


As part of our ongoing commitment – to embrace inclusivity and celebrate natural beauty – Authentic Beauty Concept has expanded the Hydrate range to include three brand new products: Hydrate Curl Enhancer, Hydrate Smoothing Serum and Hydrate Intense Treatment.

Continuing our commitment to creative collaboration, we partnered with influential curl expert, Evan Joseph, to co-create three new products for textured hair. For Evan, "it was important to create something that was innovative and different, but simple and easy to understand. Something, that can be used for different kinds of textured hair – from wavy hair to very curly hair. And with that, discard all these potions and unrealistic promises and instead really help someone to be authentic and have an easy way to get there."

After several workshops, and input from the #authenticbeautymovement community, the new assortment was crafted especially for the unique needs of textured hair.

What is textured hair? 

Textured hair is an umbrella term for different types and textures of hair. Any hair that has strands with a particular shape or movement, which is not straight, is considered textured hair. This shape is called a "curl pattern" and describes the way in which hair naturally grows. Our three textured hair heroes provide smoothness and shine to all types of textured hair, enhancing authentic hair such as waves, curls, coils, and everything in-between.
"Textured hair really is something you cannot ignore. Seeing people in my salon feeling understood and loved is something I want to keep putting out in the world." – Evan Joseph

Our new textured hair heroes are designed to enhance the most diverse natural hair textures, from the softest waves to the tightest coils. Whether curls have been neglected and need help to be restored to their natural best – or they have experienced damage as a result of heat styling or chemical processes – our new trio of products offer formulas to get your texture back on track.

Hydrate Intense Treatment 

With its rich formula, this intensely hydrating treatment mask deeply moisturises and increases manageability, while enhancing the natural shine of hair.

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Hydrate Curl Enhancer 

A deeply-hydrating leave-in gel with a lightweight formula to perfectly define curls – without crunch! Offering our highest level of curl definition plus medium hold for curls and coils, the jelly consistency is easy to apply, protecting hair from humidity, reducing frizz and enhancing natural shine.

Hydrate Smoothing Serum

Lightweight and deeply hydrating, this water-based serum reduces frizz and smooths the surface of the hair. For beautiful curl definition without heaviness, this nourishing serum enhances shine, leaving hair feeling silky soft.

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All three products are formulated with sustainably sourced Murumuru Butter and Linseed Oil, both known to nourish and strengthen the hair. Murumuru Butter, a natural emollient, is renowned for its moisturising properties and offers natural protection from sun damage, heat and other harmful compounds. Linseed Oil is rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, which help enhance the hair’s moisture content while strengthening. This powerful ingredient is also a rich source of vitamin E, B1, B2, B6, and biotin, which together help enhance the hair’s elasticity.

The co-creation story with Evan Joseph

We sat down with curl expert and Authentic Beauty Concept Advocate Evan Joseph to discuss his view on authentic hair, and his involvement in the co-creation of our new range of Hydrate textured hair heroes.

Evan Joseph: "Hi, I'm Evan and I'm a hairdresser and curl expert from the US. I'm an advocate for Authentic Beauty Concept and was given the opportunity to co-create the three new products for textured hair."

What does authenticity mean to you?

Evan Joseph: "To be authentic means to express yourself in whatever way you feel the most comfortable. Whether that’s wearing your hair natural, really defined or big and fluffy – that is being authentic to who you are as a person."

Let's talk about textured hair. What is it that you find most exciting about working with curly hair? 

Evan Joseph: "What I am most excited about when working with curly hair is that it’s always different and ever changing. I am surprised every day and you never know what is going to happen. You have the skill set and you have these steps that you take, but at the end of each appointment, or each photoshoot something new is uncovered – within the person, within their spirit and within their physical appearance."

The new range consists of three products – what do you love most about them? 

Evan Joseph: "The main styling product, which is the Hydrate Curl Enhancer, adds control and shine, but we kept it natural enough and the formula light enough so that it doesn’t impede on the natural texture of the hair, but solely enhances it. The next product that we created and that I am super excited about is the Hydrate Smoothing Serum. It is water-based, which is unusual for a serum. The reason why I love that is because water absorbs into the hair and helps to deliver the needed nutrients. So, it can be applied again and again, rinses easily from the hair and doesn’t create any unwanted build-up. The third one is the Hydrate Intense Treatment, which is really amazing. It instantly softens the hair, while still strengthening and adding structure."

Natural hair becomes more popular as consumers embrace their individuality more and more – how did you notice this change in your clients? 

Evan Joseph: "Curly hair does become popular from time to time, but if you look at it throughout history, you’ve always seen curly hair in sculptures and paintings. So yes, it does come and go as far as popularity goes. But it’s always here. I think what we are seeing, is a permanent shift in our society to allow people to express themselves, be free and authentic. We are not seeing a trend that’s going to go away. We are seeing a permanent change in our global culture, really."

Every curl is different – and so are you! We believe in individuality and our newest range allows you to embrace your authentic texture!