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We wanted to include sustainable elements in our offer; a belief which meant not taking the easy, established route but rather developing products with true integrity.



In order to bring this vision to life, we chose carefully selected vegan ingredients free from silicones, sulfates, parabens, artificial colorants and mineral oils. Up to 95% of our ingredients come from a natural origin**, including coconut and jojoba oils, shea butter, Fairtrade violet rice extract and biodegradable starch. For smooth hair, silicones have been replaced by plant-based ingredients – more concretely, by alkanes from rocket and coconut and sustainable guar. Owing to the special formula composition, some products do not even contain any specific replacement for silicones, with no compromise on performance.

We have also used sustainable guar with good biodegradability; a perfect example of our interest in selecting ingredients with a transparent value chain. Guar is best known as a caring ingredient, which improves the feel of the hair. Our choice of sustainable guar means we are able to achieve high performance, while also being mindful of our social responsibility.

Find out more about the Sustainable Guar Initiative here.

We believe in Vegan Formulas

Together, our formula compositions with plant-based ingredients deliver no-compromise results. Our formulas do not contain microbeads or animal-derived ingredients** and we do not test on animals. 

We are also very happy that all of our current vegan products are registered with the Vegan Society™!

Find out more about the Vegan Society™

We are PETA certified​

We are proud to be officially PETA certified and will continue to stand behind our brand‘s commitment to provide performance-driven vegan hair care & styling formulas.​

Find out more about PETA

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Nature Meets Science

Our ingredients merge the best of nature and science, using pure and simple formulas that are as natural as possible, without compromising on performance and application appeal. There are some ingredients that cannot be taken from nature or cannot be taken from nature unchanged. 

Within Authentic Beauty Concept, those ingredients have been purified by ultrasound extraction and steam distillation, for pure, performing formulas. This is a very mild method of extracting natural ingredients: the plant ingredients are surrounded with ultrasound waves to open the plant cells and to gain the concentrated ingredient content. This gentle method thereby preserves their benefits. The concentrates are then distilled using steam without adding harsh chemicals to extract the true essence of the ingredients. 

*Based on ISO 16128