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Community is at the heart of Authentic Beauty Concept, because people are integral to what we do. It’s why we talk about the #AuthenticBeautyMovement: because we believe that our brand goes beyond products, and that fostering a meaningful community of like-minded individuals is the best way for us all to learn and grow. We’re a movement, and when we come together, we do great things. One of the ways we do this is through our inspirational and interactive community events, which are all about coming together to foster original thinking, inspire pure creativity, and share insights to kickstart important conversations.

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Our last in-person Community Gathering took place in 2019, before the pandemic, making this year’s long-awaited reunion even more special. We welcomed 160 guests, representing diverse global locations and creative disciplines, to our Hamburg home for two days of activity, all focused around bringing your most authentic self to the world. The main goal of the Gathering was, of course, to reunite our community and be inspired by their perspectives. We could think of no better way to do that than through two days of curated experiences, dedicated to learning and self-expression, supported by empowering opportunities to create and share authentic hair.

Every creative process starts with a spark, and our community event was ignited with a series of inspirational sessions, hosted by an edit of guest speakers. These look-and-learn seminars provided not just insight, but also practical education. Our Global Creative Advocate Hester Wernert-Rijn demonstrated her passion for authentic styling, US Advocate Evan Joseph shared his expertise in cutting, styling and caring for textured hair, while hair and makeup artist Juliette den Ouden joined us to share her perspective on modern beauty.

Going beyond hair, we also shared a demonstration from German make-up artist Helge Branscheidt on creating no-make-up make-up looks.

While our Polish advocate Marta Zawiślańska was joined by Authentic Beauty Concept educator, Joanna Zuchowicz, for a digital workshop, sharing techniques and suggestions to inspire the next day of hair and content creation.

Equipped with new ideas, our community was then given the chance to get creative and produce their own authentic hair looks and coordinate digital content across a suite of studios, dedicated to make-up, styling, hair, content creation and a final professional photoshoot. Working alongside our experts, they put the previous day’s learnings to practical use, producing model looks and capturing them in videos and stills, ranging from fun before-and-after transitions to captivating mood videos.

The Authentic Beauty Concept community has always influenced and evolved our output. Whenever we have the chance to bring them together, it’s an opportunity to listen to their shared needs and ideas for future product innovations, as well as to gain relevant insights on our latest launches from those who live and breathe the products, every day. We spent time connecting, listening, and learning, as the perfect way to close our get-together.