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Thoughtful hair care products are a combination of cutting-edge science, carefully chosen ingredients and a journey of constant discovery. Find out how these elements found their way into Authentic Beauty Concept’s highly effective formulas. 

From almost the dawn of time, man has been in pursuit of healthy hair. Cultures around the world have long used plant power to achieve glossy tresses, applying everything from nut and seed oils to fruit pulp and crushed herbs to their locks. With time, as our understanding of science and technology improved, we have found increasingly sophisticated methods to harness that power. Likewise, ingredients have evolved from rudimentary combinations to specialised formulas. Authentic Beauty Concept products are formulated with a special combination of purified natural extracts. For example, the Hydrate product range for dry hair contains mango fruit extract and basil leaf extract. Mango is known to be rich in anti-oxidants, vitamins and minerals, basil is known to have anti-inflammatory properties. Read on to discover how these ingredients have been specially extracted, purified and preserved thanks to advanced science. 

First of all, we searched traditional uses of botanical ingredients and sought out knowledge on natural beauty products from all over the world, established the effectiveness and suitability of each ingredient and nominated ideal pairings to meet specific hair needs. Once the plant ingredients for a product range were selected, we integrated them into effective formulas for Authentic Beauty Concept products. In order to extract their essence, the plant ingredients in their raw form are surrounded with ultrasound waves to gently press them into concentrates. This method extracts ingredients efficiently while preserving their benefits. The concentrates are then distilled using steam to extract the true essence of the ingredients, similar to the process of gently extracting the essence of a scent for an eau de parfum. This eco-sound® process has several advantages. The cold, soft extraction is low-energy, its by-products can be upcycled, but most importantly, heat sensitive molecules are preserved.

Picture a mango. You don’t want all the fruit sugar, the stringy plant fibres or even an excess of water in your hair products. One way of getting the active ingredients out of the mango is by brute force, crushing the fruit, but also potentially loosing valuable molecules in the process. Another option is boiling the pulp until it is reduced to a thick puree, which would destroy heat sensitive components. What if you could shake the entire fruit so gently that every single plant membrane disintegrates and releases its contents? That’s what eco-sound® technology does with mango fruit extract and basil leaf extract - or Mangifera Indica and Ocimum Basilicum, the names you will find on the ingredients list. These can be found in the Hydrate range of Authentic Beauty Concept, which moisturises and pampers normal to dry hair.

Authentic Beauty Concept uses carefully and purposefully selected ingredients. We believe what we leave out is as important as what we put in. We made the conscious choice to remain free from silicones, sulfates*, parabens, mineral oil or artificial colorants. We managed to be vegan in 28 out of 31 formulas and we are still working on the final three to become fully vegan. We want to produce products with integrity. For example, since 2017 we support the Sustainable Guar Initiative – a programme that enhances the livelihoods of thousands of small holder guar bean farmers in India with a transparent value chain. In our products, Guar** is used as a caring ingredient, improving combability and hair feel.

Find out more about the other ingredients that make each range so special.

All Hair Types

A further example of our carefully selected ingredients is found in the Deep Cleansing Shampoo for all hair types. The formula with fair trade violet rice extract, ethically sourced in South-East Asia, helps to absorb grease and impurities from the hair and scalp.


Adding mango and basil extracts to a pampering formula for dry hair would be worth it for the delightful smell alone. The fact that these ingredients also contain vitamins and minerals, have anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, is a massive bonus.


Adding a bit of va-va-voom to your hair is as simple as adding a healthy boost to your breakfast. A formula with green tea extract and a touch of invigorating lime adds body and volume.


Superfood addicts know that maple syrup and pecan nuts aren’t just tasty snacks, but also reliable vegan sources of energy and strength. Maple and pecan extracts are also the superfood ingredients in our Replenish formula for strong, shiny hair. 


Date and cinnamon sounds like a delicious combination, but they are also known to be toning, firming, moisturising, soothing, energising and conditioning. Extracts from these vegan snacks are part of our ingredients for a formula that enhances coloured hair. 

Embrace Styling

Styling Creating a high-performance styling range that goes hand in hand with our pure care products is challenging. The star extracts of this range include shea butter, coconut oil and kaolin clay.

* sulfate surfactants
** Guar Hydrxypropyltrimonium Chloride



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