Product Information

Product Information

For our Deep Cleansing Shampoo we’ve added Fair Trade Violet Rice Extract, which is ethically sourced in South-East Asia. The formula with rice extracts helps to absorb grease and impurities from the hair and scalp. Our Indulging Fluid Oil has a unique consistency enabling it to spread perfectly on all hair types. Our Hydrating Jelly Mask with Spirulina & Aloe Vera deeply moisturises scalp and hair and protects against external aggressors bringing back the shine.

Crafted Haircare

Glow, Amplify, Hydrate or Replenish your hair.


Today, hair is about effortless style and loose, free flowing textures. To create your perfectly (im)perfect look try our pure styling formulas. 

Beyond Hair

Authentic beauty is bigger than hair.

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