My Craft: Igor Josifovic

My Craft: Igor Josifovic

The creative influencer talks about authentic interior decorating and his unique use of plants.

Igor Josifovic in his self-decorated home
Who is Igor Josifovic?

Igor Josifovic is a jack-of-all-trades and a master of many. The Austrian-born, Munich-based creative works as a social media manager, blogger and curator of all things concerning interior design. He’s the sole creative mind behind the auspiciously named Happy Interior Blog, as well as the co-author of the Urban Jungle Blog and the book Urban Jungle: Living and Styling with Plants. Not only does his unique, multifaceted work expand the traditional artisan definition – it goes much further. Igor emphasises how “taking care of plants is a conscious moment of me-time. I grant myself one hour to not only take care of my plants, but to also take care of myself. I switch off my phone, I listen to my favourite music, and I dedicate time to my plants by looking at them, pruning them, watering them and misting them, each to their needs. This time-out brings me back to the present moment and helps me balance myself” Igor’s craft ideas invite all of us to explore plants and nature not only as sources and tools of interior decoration, but also to reconnect with ourselves.

Igor holding his latest creative project – a leaf-shaped pottery piece.
Igor’s artisan definition – crafting creativity

If there’s one thing that ties together all of Igor’s creative endeavors, it’s his eye for beautifying spaces. Nature is always his go-to tool. “I find inspiration in the beauty of plants. Their leaves, colours, patterns and textures inspire me to create my work. Plants bring nature into a room and add a living touch to any home.” Which is why he uses natural materials as defining ingredients for his interior concepts. However, his signature aesthetic is his own, and he encourages others to find out what works for them, rather than emulating his style. “I want to inspire people not to look for the creativity I show them, but to embark on the quest to find their own creative authenticity within themselves. I think everyone can be creative in an individual way if we listen to ourselves and our gut feeling.”

In addition to the plants that feature so prominently in his interior concepts, his passion for pottery is another source of craft ideas. Every Monday he goes to a pottery studio to create something new. Although he calls himself an amateur, he insists that “artisans are people who keep an art or craftsmanship alive through their creations,” irrespective of skill level. Anyone can be an artisan, simply by crafting something with their own two hands, or even just by visually expressing their individuality. Whether it’s bringing plants into our homes, hanging photos on our walls or finding a brilliant vintage object to place on a shelf – these are all things that help us bring an artisan sensibility into our homes.

How to find authenticity in interior design


Igor also has a low-key approach to seeking inspiration and finding authentic craft ideas. For him, “Authenticity is something that comes genuinely from within. It’s something that is expressed in our everyday approach to life without much thinking. It is basically coded in us.” He believes that “everything we do should have a stamp of our personality. We shouldn’t copy consciously from others, but if it’s similar to what someone else has done and we put a bit of our personality and passion into the final result, then it is authentic in my eyes.” Igor’s craft ideas are always at least partly about helping others find their creative authenticity and their signature interior style. “I see myself as someone who inspires and helps people unlock their own creative authenticity and inject personality into spaces by adding details that speak about the person who lives in that space.” 

Igor finds authentic beauty in the most unusual places. “Thoughts can be beautiful. Actions can be beautiful. Crafts can be beautiful. True beauty lies in the little imperfections. They remind us that each of us is different, and perfection is an illusion!” Perhaps these are thoughts we can all practice. 

“Each of us is different, and perfection is an illusion!” Happy Interiors blogger @IgorJosif on authentic beauty